365 Days

I’m back! I’ll keep this short and just post a link to where I’ll be posting my new 365 day challenge  photos. Below is my first attempt. Many of the photos I took were just quick photos before I ran off to bed and this time around I want to try to put more effort into get the photos I want, but hey who knows. I think I said that last time.

Well here we go!


As I write this now it is December 30th 2010, and tomorrow is the very last day of this wonderful year. As I’m sure you can guess from the title of this page I will be taking (at least) one photo a day and posting it right here on this page. One photo for ever single day in the year of 2011.

I’m not really sure how this will turn out or even how long I will last. but I’m going to do my damned best to make it all 365 days. I guess this could be taking as my new years resolution? Sweet, I finally thought of one! Anyway. One photo a day, every day.

I guess that’s all I can say about it for now. Have a great new year everyone! May it be blessed with love, joy and happiness!

Day 19 – Well this is more then one photo… Testing out an idea for some timelaps stuff

Day 18 - Trying out some off camera flash stuff for the first time.

Day 17 - A very* cute girl. *Very, very

Day 16 - A dead body found at the crime scene. I'm thinking an OD

*Day 15 – Was on a flash drive… But that was stolen. So I’ll try to retake it later.*

Day 14 - I hate my self...

Day 13 - Trying some light painting

Day 12 - I'm lacking creativity big time!

Day 11 - This is what you get when you forget to take the photo of the day before bed... This makes me hate me

Day 10 - Me in a mirror, in a lens, in a mirror.

Day 9 - Shoot for the moon!

Day 8 - Spent the night shooting in the light box again.

Day 7 - Spent the night shooting in the light box.

Day - 6 had no idea what to take a photo of... So here is a car out side of my house. exposed= 200 sec

Day 5 - Home made body cap pin hole. (weird) 8 min exposer

Day 4 - Playing with my home-made light box

Day 3 - Testing my new lens (70-300)

Day 2 - My Gear (best photo ever)


Day 1 - Me


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