Hey boys and gals! How is everything?  Good to hear that!

So anyway, I’m a young photographer trying to learn what I can about this very complicated… whatever you want to call it, a job, hobby, passion.  So anyway…

As you will soon notice by looking at my photos that I mainly shoot bikes, bike races, BMX, and MTB,  well that’s because I myself bike! It’s something I love to do and do allot.  So naturally why would I not want to capture something I love forever? That’s what photography is to me.  And that’s what my photos do (try to do).

A really great photographer once told me (by me, I mean a web form (about bikes  )) that a photo should… well here ill just copy and paste what he said.

“When I first started shooting photo’s a friend of mine that was an editor for a car magazine gave me advice that has stuck with me for sometime. His simple comment was that a photo should capture and event, not create one. The other was that a picture should tell a story (insert the “a picture says a 1000 words”).”  -Jamie

I try to work by that rule, and so far I think its working! Take a look at my photos and tell me what you think.

Thanks for caring!



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