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    Sorry folks. I'm currently not posting anything new here due to some re construction and other things I have been working on. Merry Christmas and all the rest!

    Welcome to the new year everyone! Be sure to try the crab cakes!
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The Zoo

This post might just be a little over due but I think it’s fair to say that summer is officially over. So I feel it’s time I reminisce with fond memories from the sumer. But don’t feel to sad about a passing season when you have a beautiful and cooling fall coming right around the corner! So get out there and go … Continue reading

The Station

Every day I wake up, get on the train and go to school where I learn the secrets of becoming a photographer… At least that’s what the poster read. Now what it should have read was “Your going to be sooooo poor… Sucker” Well these are some photos from around the train stations I take.

The Froggy

To be honest I’m only posting this because I have been dead on this blog as of late. But I do have lots of interesting stuff I would like to get up very soon! So check back! Oh, this is a frog.

Night in the City

A bit over do, but here are a few photos I took while in Toronto with a wonderful woman.


Not to long ago I was able to see lights preform at Blue Mountain Resort. She was playing a free show right in the middle of the village square and believe me when I say it was packed! I was lucky enough to have gotten there somewhat early and find a spot to shoot as close as … Continue reading


Hello, Hello! I just thought I would post up some photos I took from the airport while I was on holidays!


I’m back! *And the crowd goes wild* From where you ask? I was in Whistler silly! Now before I get to posting any photos I’m going to answer a few of your questions. Answer One. YES! I did take photos in Whistler. Frankly, I’m shocked you even asked. Answer Two. YES! I am still taking photos for … Continue reading

Day 4

This was my photo of the day yesterday. Nothing to special about it, I’m just trying to drive traffic over to my new page for my 365 day challenge. What? I’m being honest. 🙂 goo.gl/QHsRd

Call Me Kerosene

Once again I know what your going to say. “What? Two posts in the same day?” Yup, I have weeks upon weeks of not posting to make up for! A good friend of mine has joined up with a new band, that call them selves “Call Me Kerosene”. And he had asked me to take … Continue reading

U23 National Road Championship

Now I know what you’re going to say. But before you do, let me say I’m sorry. It has been far to long since my last post and all of you out there reading my words and looking at my photos have been looking for a new source of… Well I’m not really sure what … Continue reading